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Welcome to Caci Silverdale

At Caci Silverdale we specialise in results driven treatments, skin care, laser hair removal, Botox, Dermal Filler and fat reduction, plus all your day to day beauty therapy needs. All of this brought to you with soothing sounds and a team of dedicated, friendly professionals


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Find out what we think about Laser Hair Removal!


"Thank you ladies for a simple and easy to use skin program, my skin is feeling so much better. The dry patches are almost gone and my skin feels so much smoother."

Heather is on a Reformaskin Skin Health Plan

"I have been using the Skin Health Rebuild program for just over 6 months, I went to Caci to help heal my acne scaring. The treatments have been excellent and I am now seeing results of the scars healing and the deep red colour is reduced."

"The treatments are really easy and my therapist has been really great, telling me what I need and why, which has helped me. The overall improvement to my skin is really encouraging, I can’t wait to see the end result."

Deb is on a Reformaskin Skin Health Rebuild Plan

"I went to Caci because my skin had aged and lost tone and elasticity. I had aged quickly from sun damage and really wanted a treatment that could fix this for me. I joined the program for Fractional CO2 Laser and I am delighted with the results. My skin is firmer, more toned, and the skin colour more even." 

"At first I was nervous about the treatment and recovery, but they were straight forward and the laser treatments were easy to manage. I am continuing my program with Caci as I really enjoy the facials and great results."

Shirley is on a Reformaskin Skin Health Restructure Plan 

"For me having treatment on my lip and chin has meant I don’t have to pluck or shave each week.The treatment at Caci has softened my hairs and I have not had to worry so much about how it looks or feels, its great. Much better than what it was." 

Anne is on a Freedom Hair Removal Plan for facial hair

"This treatment has made a huge difference as I’m a swimmer, it means I don’t worry about my hair growth at all now. Both of the areas have been treated I’m really pleased that almost all the hair has gone and the shadowing under my arms. It’s made a massive difference to my confidence." 

Claire is on a Freedom Hair Removal Plan for Brazilian/Underarms

"I have just signed up for the 2 for 1 deal at Caci Silverdale, which is fantastic I saved over $1000.00 this is my 2nd treatment, and I’m impressed with how easy this treatment is so far. I cant wait for summer now and get really excited for my appointments because I’m closer to getting the hair gone! Ill let you know how I get on." 

Rachel is on a Freedom Hair Removal Plan for Bikini/Underarms

"I started the Skin Health plan at Caci after deciding I wanted to do something good for my skin. I've never had terrible skin but I used to get some breakouts and redness which effected my confidence if I didn't wear makeup."

"I've just started the treatments and already notice a difference - my skin is clear and so soft and I've noticed the odd breakout I've had since starting the plan is less aggressive and clears up a lot faster. I look forward to my monthly treatments and it's made me more consistent with my skincare routine."

Jayde is on a Reformaskin Skin Health Plan

"I started my skin program with Caci Silverdale after having my second baby and suffering really unusual adult acne breakouts. My Therapist Marina was so understanding and took care of my skin which at the time was really sensitive. I have been on my program for 8 months now and the the breakouts are under control and my skin condition has improved so much that I no longer wear my regular foundation makeup." 

"I found that being on a program kept my interest and the consistency of the facials meant my skin was being looked after every 3-4 weeks which really helped. My skin looks so much better and I am really very happy with the results."

Jen is on a Reformaskin Skin Health Plan

"Thank you to a wonderful team at Caci, I finally had my underarms and bikini line treated with laser and it has been life changing, I don’t know why I waited so long but I am so pleased I finally had the laser. Great group of ladies who really looked after me."

Andrea is on a Freedom Hair Removal Plan for Bikini/Underarms

"My skin was badly damaged during my early years with alot of sun damage and smoking. When I first came to Caci I didn’t think that much could be done to change the damage that had been caused, but after several months on my facial program I started to notice small changes in my skin. I have little to no red spots left." 

"I have been doing my dermal rolling and now can see the skin tightening. The regular facials have made a difference to the colour of my skin which is more even and less open pores. I am now starting to treat my sun spots, and looking forward to the results. Lovely group of ladies I deal with at Silverdale, thank you."

Robyn is on a Reformaskin Skin Health Plan

Clinic Address

Block B, First Floor, 2 Milner Ave Silverdale Auckland 

Opening hours

Monday – 10am- 3pm
Tuesday – 9am – 7pm
Wednesday – 9am – 7pm
Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday By Appointment Only

If you require a voucher or retail product for the weekend please call the clinic before Friday so that we can arrange to have this ready for you to collect at a time that is convenient, alternatively we will courier to your address if you are unable to come into the clinic.

The Team

Lisa - Owner

Trudy - Clinic Manager

Trudy is Caci Silverdale’s clinic manager, looking after our customers and the daily running of the clinic.

Brooke - Treatment Coordinator

Brooke joined the Silverdale team in 2017 with a Beauty Therapy background, and now has progressed into the Treatment Coordinator role.

Brooke has a strong passion for customer service and helping our customers to be the best version of themselves, with the advantage of expert knowledge into our treatments and services available.

Brooke is the person our clinic clients will visit with for consultations from acne to ageing skin, ChillSculpt for stubborn fat you cant seem to shift, to Laser Hair Removal.

Brooke is here for you, to design a treatment program specific to your concern, lifestyle and budget. Call today to book your personal consultation.

Marina - Senior Beauty Therapist

Marina is an internationally recognised qualified Beauty Therapist who specialises in skin health. Marina is extremely passionate about skin health and our Murad and Skinsmiths product ranges.

Destiny - Senior Beauty Therapist

Destiny is an internationally recognised qualified Beauty Therapist, specialising in skin treatments. Destiny is very enthusiastic about skin health and results-driven treatments.

Brooke - Senior Beauty Therapist

Brooke is an internationally recognised qualified Senior Beauty Therapist specialising in Laser Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation and ChillSculpt. 

She is dedicated to customer care and experience and is also the clinic's Murad skincare ambassador.

Anna - Registered Nurse

Caci Silverdale is delighted to have Anna join the clinic team as the Registered Nurse. 

Having been in Nursing for almost 20 years, Anna brings with her an enormous amount of expertise, enthusiasm and skill for our clinic customers.